Saturday, 13 February 2010


The current project I'm working on started off with watching "The Book of Eli", which I thought had many issues I could explore.

The main two were blindness and religion. I decided to focus on religion and come back to blindness at a later date. Starting off by exploring issues in religion, I found myself bogged down in symbolism, facts and the history of the world. I needed to narrow it down. So, I was taking pictures of my Ipod in the dark to see what effects were created ( In the film, the main character has an MP3 on him, and it seems important to him, so I wanted to draw upon this aspect). I liked the results and have been experimenting with them. This didn't work out too good, but the techniques I was using didn't do the idea any justice. I need to work on this further. I have been interested in the personal aspect of religion, taking in to account that religion is different for everyone, it's such an inside thing. I then felt I could make the Ipod photos link in with the idea of reflection of religion. I see them as abstract pieces that allow people to escape in to them almost. They can work differently for different people. I want to juxtapose these pieces with lyrics relating to religion in order to provoke a variety of responses.

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