Friday, 19 February 2010


This week, I have been developing the idea of religion in relation to churches. I read an introduction to a book about them which was really interesting. The author likes to think that churches are museums of art, which is a nice way of thinking about them. I love gothic architecture and stained glass windows in churches.

Anyway, I have been experimenting with collage for the painting week. I ended up focusing on the idea of the broken arch, from gothic architecture and filling it with strips of magazines. I then figured if I turned it on it's side, it looks like a bullet. This plays with the idea of religion and war. I don't want my project to develop along the lines of the negative, so I am deciding this is a "final piece".

In regards of where I am going with my work, I am using watercolours a lot more along with masking tape and incorperating lyrics in to this as well. I have a collection of photos of churches I took whilst in Italy and am working with these. I am focusing on the peaceful and spiritual side of religion and I find this quite therapeutic.

Research. I must do more and also visit exhibitions. I have been researching different viewpoints of religion. Matt, my friend, is Bahai and it was great to hear his opinions on religion. I want to paint the Bahai temple, it looks like a flower just waking.

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