Thursday, 2 September 2010

London town...

Joana Vasconcelos' work (above)

Hell yeah! The joy of realising your post is saved in drafts and not deleted!!!

Hi there...

Today, I went to London to see some art exhibitions with some fellow friends and students.

We went to see the Surreal house @ The Barbican art gallery which I definately recommend if you like Dali and the classic surrealists. A good mix of contemporary and older stuff but all nice and mind boggling : )

It's about the house and how it plays a role in surrealism- from making a house made of skin and how the window plays a role.

Parts that stood out for me:

Louise Bourgouis' work- her lumpy piece
Rebecca Horn's "Concert for Anarchy" which was delightful and worth watching to see what happens!
The way architecture was explored from decaying buildings to Matta-Clark's "Splitting"
Black and white photography- Lee Miller's photos
Rachel Kneebone's "At the edge of dawn and darkness"- just reminded me of playdo

Well worth a visit.

Also saw Joana Vasconcelos' work which was lovely and WI like and village fayre-like some how with all that knitting. Sort of reminded me of Yinka Shonibare's work. They should do a show together...
Polly Morgan's work was just beautiful complimented by the elegant shadows.

My work...

Have been juxtaposing historical and celebrity figures with contemporary ones. Just ideas at the moment, will work on later...

Below is further experimentation with cotton wool and glue on canvas which I like and thinks works well, what do you think?...

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