Saturday, 14 August 2010

August rain

Well hello there,

An update:

I've been to Italy babysitting and sightseeing. The highlights: Went to Rome, classical sculpture heaven!! , saw a sculptor work to restore one of Bernini's pieces which was really surreal. And the sistene chapel is mind blowing. Although it was striking seeing all these wonderful and important pieces of art, it's strange seeing beggars outside the vatican and homeless on the streets when there's such money being spent on these works. In Bologna ( where we were based ) went to Mambo, the modern art gallery of Bologna which is now one of my favourite galleries. It housed work by important Italian artists since around the 60s, and it was just so fresh and inspiring. One piece was made of metal and it moved, due to the heat. Another piece; there were belts all intertwined, hanging from the ceiling and one of my favourites had words cut out from wood and leaves on and it was really poetic and enchanting.
I've been doing research in to these artists, and also general research on art. Alongside this, I have started to experiment more with cottonwool and trying to create a net -like sculpture. Plan to go to London soon for more galleries : D

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