Thursday, 1 July 2010

Summer chanananananagans...


Well, I have been keeping myself busy doing art stuff.

Have given myself a break from the cards, have decided to do more over the summer and sell them next year instead. Want to get them looking good.

Have put a "drawing" into the jerwood drawing prize. It's a piece made from tracing around olive oil stains, a development of my work in the studio from the last semester. We have to hand it in all framed, so I decided to give it a go myself, which failed...haha!

I have been thinking about the direction of my work, doing some reflecting and producing some work...some watercolours and experimentation with cotton wool...

Went to John Hansard gallery in Southampton,Yolande Harris' work is interesting, she uses sound and presents it visually.
Gonna go to London soon for exhibitions. RA summer exhibition, the surreal house, saatchi is on the list.. Should be good : )

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